Social Media Marketing

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8 remarkable benefit of our social media marketing:

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Your company name needs ‘exposure’. Social media followers are the most effective and cost effective way of getting your brand name in front of a huge relevant audience. These followers in-turn become your loyal customers and ‘word of mouth’ marketers.

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People buy your service/product not because they like it. Research tells us that people convert because they lke ‘you’ and your ‘brand ideology’. Once their vision syncs with your brand’s vision, you can literally sell them anything. All this is achieved through smart relationship bulding and social engagement. Bringing your potential customers to this stage is an art. We use social media to engage with your target audience and share your vision and brand story to build long lasting relationships.

[/toggle][toggle title=”Exponantial Website Traffic”]

Any social media marketing is a waste if it is not bringing you money or positive ROI. All marketing efforts on soccil media should direct potential customers to the website. Increasing your website traffic will directly influence leads and sales. We conider social media, a critical part of your monthly web traffic.

[/toggle][toggle title=”Dedicated Account Management “]

You will be assigned a dedicated social media manager to develop your strategy and execute it. This person will learn your business and be your primary contact. You will be able to communicate with your social media manager daily via email or schedule a call at a time that is convenient for both of us.

[/toggle][toggle title=”Custom Social Media Strategy”]

We believe each and every business is different and demands exclusivity in its social media strategy. We will work closely together to develop a results-oriented plan for your social media. Our strategies are designed to provide you with clarity, focus, and inspiration.

[/toggle][toggle title=”Content Calender”]

The purpose of a social media calendar is to provide a framework for sharing content that resonates with your audience and also sells your business. We don’t just randomly post on social media platforms.. Before creating your calendar, we plan content around specific campaigns and goals. First, we determine the types of content that make sense for your business and audience. Next comes a planned day-to-day execution.

[/toggle][toggle title=”Analytics and Reporting”]

Publishing content is important. But it’s also necessary to know how well your content performs and if your social media strategy is working. The only way to do that is to keep track of your social media analytics and equip yourself with the right tools and reports to do so. We send you weekly and monthly social media analytics reports. You will know at every step how your social media is bringing in benefit to your company.


Every social platform has its own personality. If you do not treat it like the way it likes to be treated, you are going to get nothing out of it. The algorithms change every week and you need to be on top of it to get any benefit whatsoever. Here is a glimpse of the humongous potential of the biggest social platforms we use to market your brand.

[tabbed_section][tab title=”Facebook” id=”t1″]

It is estimated that there are over 80 million active Facebook business pages and as many as 98% of B2C and 89% of B2Bs use Facebook ads to get website traffic, leads and brand exposure. If you do not target your content smartly, on average it is likely to reach only 8.1% of your total followers organically. This is why you need more followers and a higher level of engagement on Facebook, the ‘customer acquisition giant’.

[/tab][tab title=”Instagram” id=”t2″]

Instagram has grown immensely over the years, and it continues to broaden its horizons. Instagram has reached the 1 billion monthly active user mark. That’s a big milestone for the mainly mobile photo sharing network! With a billion monthly active users, it comes as no surprise that Instagram is the second most engaged social network. 71% of the billion monthly active users on the Instagram app are under the age of 35.  In June 2018 Facebook users’ spent an average of 58 minutes per day on the platform compared to Instagram users’ 53 minutes per day.  This is huge. No wonder 71% of US businesses claim that they use Instagram for business.

[/tab][tab title=”Twitter” id=”t3″]

Twitter has 321 million monthly active users as of the end of 2018. 45% of Americans between the ages of 18 and 24 use Twitter. The number of U.S. adults who use Twitter has grown by roughly 10% since 2012. Twitter is the second-most popular social network in the United Kingdom, reaching 60% of the U.K.’s internet audience. The most popular is Facebook, at 90%. Increase your brand recognition through this trusted platform.

[/tab][tab title=”LinkedIn” id=”t4″]

There are more than 610 million users worldwide on LinkedIn. 4 out of every 5 members on the platform drive business decisions and, it’s rated the #1 platform for lead generation by marketers. Most of LinkedIn’s audience is college educated and over 25 years old. if you are targeting B2B, you can’t ignore LinkedIn at any stage.

[/tab][tab title=”Pinterest” id=”t5″]

There are 265 million monthly active users on Pinterest. That’s up from 216 million at the end of 2017, and 160 million in 2016. Every month 2 billion on-site searches take place on the platform. 43% of all internet users, including “80% of women ages 18-64 with children” use the patform. About 66% of active users are women. This is a great platform to promote consumer products if you are targeting middle to a high-income female audience.

[/tab][tab title=”YouTube” id=”t4″]

If the internet is a galaxy of strange worlds, then YouTube is one of the biggest by population and popularity. 1.9 billion logged-in users visit YouTube every month. Out of this 96 percent of 18- to 24-year-old American usrs use YouTube regularly. This platform works in 80 different languages and has the highest reach in terms of video content ever. Your business needs to have a YouTube channel to represent your branded and informative, feature based videos.

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Our social media management pricing ranges from $400-$1000 per month on average.

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This price varies based on the amount of channels and posts we are managing for you. 

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You will have a well-trained and experienced social media manager assigned your account.


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Let’s discuss your social media marketing needs.

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[divider line=”true”][icon size=”tiny” color=”extra-color-2″ image=”icon-lightbulb”] While we implement organic approaches to build your followers and engagement, you may elect to allocate an advertising budget to expedite this process and grow faster. 


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There is a one-time setup fee of $200 associated with our social media paid advertising service. [button color=”See-Through” size=”medium” url=”” text=”Get Quote”]

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What our clients say!

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Better digital marketing for your business. As your one-stop digital marketing agency, we help you build a valuable but profitable online presence.
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Copyright by Digital Maxima (2020). All rights reserved.

Copyright by Digital Maxima (2020). All rights reserved.