SEO Checklist For 2022

A Short but comprehensive SEO checklist for your business in 2020.

Let’s start here. First things first.

It is always good to review Google’s algorithm updated once a month to stay on top.

Here is the recent Google Algorithm Update History.

1 – Create a sitemap

A site map refers to an organized list of pages on the website. This is the best place to start with.

2 – Create and add a robots.txt file to your site

This is the robots exclusion protocol which tells the search engine which pages to crawl and which not to.

3 – Install Google Analytics

Connect Google Analytics with your website to track all user activities. You can do that by copy-pasting a short tracking code on your website.

4 – Setup Google Search Console

This is a Google service that helps webmasters to check the indexing status of the website and further helps in content optimization.

5 – Keyword Research Checklist
    1. Find a primary keyword to target
    2. Find long-tail keyword variations
    3. Understand ‘search intent’
    4. Delve deeper into the questions people are actually asking
    5. Make sure that ranking for your chosen keyword is an achievable goal
6 – On-Page SEO Checklist
    1. Use short, descriptive URLs 
    2. Write a compelling title tag and description
    3. Use one H1 on your page (and include your keyword in it)
    4. Link to relevant internal and external resources
    5. Optimize your images with descriptive “alt” tags
    6. Intelligently “sprinkle” long-tail variations throughout your content
    7. Add schema markup to enhance SERP visibility (where relevant)
7 – Content Checklist
    1. Write a kick-ass intro
    2. Focus on readability
    3. Use short sentences and paragraphs
    4. Create the best piece of content on the topic
8 – Technical SEO Checklist
    1. Identify and FIX any crawl errors
    2. Make sure your site loads FAST
    3. Fix outbound broken links
    4. Make sure your site is mobile-friendly
    5. Switch to HTTPs
    6. Fix duplicate content issues
9 – Link Building Checklist
    1. Replicate your competitor’s links
    2. Monitor and reclaim any lost links
    3. Pursue unlinked mentions
    4. Let the right people know about your content
10 – Local SEO
    1. Set up the Google my business profile and update it with recent business information Make sure you verify it. 
    2. Bing places for business – Do the same with Bing Places. 
    3. Yelp – Create a yelp account and set it up for customer reviews.
    4. Add your business to yellow pages and all other free business listings that represent a local standing.
11 – Social Media

Set social media accounts and connect them with your website by adding your URL in the appropriate places.

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