Online Dental Marketing for Your Dental Practice

What Is Online Dental Marketing?

Why is online dental marketing critical? Having an online presence is necessary for a dental practice’s success—word of mouth advertising has largely been replaced by online reviews and is less likely to be effective in the current environment. It is no surprise that current patient opinions and reviews will drive new patient flow for dental businesses.

Online dental marketing includes activities designed to create interest and engagement in a dental practice and its services. It directs potential patients to your online presence to know what unique services and experiences your practice offers. This type of dental marketing also involves education and dental awareness of potential dental patients. Doing so has multiple advantages, which we will be discussing below.

How Can Online Dental Marketing Help Your Practice?

Online dental marketing can help your practice by attracting new patients and bringing past patients back. Marketing agencies that provide online dental marketing can also collaborate with you on activities and initiatives you and your practice can participate in to gain positive exposure in your community. For example, showcasing Dr. Phil Han’s social service on a mobile dentist van.

How to Find a Good Marketing Agency That Does Smart Dental Marketing

Most dental practices rely on marketing agencies that provide a variety of strategies. It is helpful for you to be informed about the marketing environment to make sure you choose an agency that can provide what you need and hold the agency accountable for using successful and ethical methods.

Consider contracting with an agency that can provide services based on your own goals. The agency should:

  • Specialize in dentistry and be able to explain specific characteristics of the industry
  • Have online reviews, as well as other customers who are available to interview regarding their experiences with the agency
  • Offer a customized experience for you.
  • Work within your budget
  • Be readily available for communication.

We at Digital Maxima work with multiple dental practices and help them grow their patient flow. Read our dental case studies here.

How to Get More Dental Patients through Digital Dental Marketing

The most important piece of your marketing efforts is your website, but there are numerous strategies to employ as part of your online marketing efforts, including

  • Local SEO and conversion rate optimization
  • Directory listings
  • Press releases
  • Pay-per-click advertising
  • Patient referral programs
  • Business referral programs
  • Social media marketing
  • Ad retargeting
  • Competition research

Digital Maxima specializes in all of the above-mentioned online dental marketing services. We believe that with effective online marketing, your dental practice can flourish.

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Online Dental Marketing for Your Dental Practice

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