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Our 11-years in business have taught us to be more humble and skillful every day. We have grown as a nationwide agency and client hospitality is our biggest strength. Our mission is to provide one-stop world-class marketing services and the evergreen loyalty that every client deserves.

“You are not just another client. You are a member of this growing family”

This is our core philosophy and our framework stands on client hospitality and satisfaction. Every day we work as a family to help and assist our clients to make them succeed in their goals.


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Ali Jaffar Zia is the principal figure behind the company that founded Digital Maxima a decade ago in a tiny hostel room located in Pakistan.

Since then, the journey and expansion have been non-stop. The agency focus on providing better digital marketing to its clients, which the competitors don’t. Currently located in the heart of Salt Lake City, Utah, Digital Maxima comprises of SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing, and Website Development teams both offshore and in the United States.

We are offering the following services to small to medium-sized businesses.

  • SEO and Search Engine Marketing
  • Website Design & Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Google and Social Media PPC Advertising
  • Content Marketing and Writing
  • Email Marketing and Analytics
  • Mobile & Web App Development


Our approach to marketing

It's not simple but we make it look easy.
Success is no accident. Here is why.

Success is a planned execution of ideas and faith. Digital Maxima exists today because we stick by our core philosophy and value system. Our methodology is clear, simple, and straightforward. It is tested and tried on our happy clients over the years. We go the extra mile and follow a set of strategies that combine to produce actual results and client satisfaction.


Understand the goals and current resources. Finding out the loopholes and reasons for the previous failure. Filter strategic noise.


Based on the evaluation, experts come up with a diagnostic activity list along with an execution plan. Fix issues based on priority.


Once the stage sets, take the marketing to the next level with precise and measurable lead generation and online reputation goals.

How we plan social media stratgey of our clients.

There is no rocket science behind effective digital marketing, but there is a science that requires understanding. The first step is to strengthen your social media presence. If you do not have any social presence than the first step is to set that up. Before working on setting up or strategizing your social media, we discuss and analyze the following questions.

  1. Which social media networks are you currently on?
  2. Are they relevant to your brand goals?
  3. Which social media networks are driving the most relevant traffic or conversions for you?
  4. Which social media networks are a waste of time and effort?

Once all these questions are clear, we optimize your social media profiles and create an excellent catchy social media bio aligned with your mission and services. We make sure that your business social profiles and header images are precise and up to date. The contact information and call to action buttons are then added. These details seem very simple and unimportant but are the staple of social media marketing, Overlooking such items is certainly not good for your business’s digital health.

We create content that matters to our clients.

A big part of your social media presence and overall digital visibility is the content strategy. Video content is the key to any business that wants to succeed on social media or generally on the web. The video is processed in our brains 60,000 times faster than text. It immediately ignites emotion and personal connection, enticing viewers to seek more information.

The exposure video gives a brand is redefining inbound marketing. More than 87% of online marketers are using video content today. And if you’re not adding videos to your content strategy, you’re missing out on business growth because more than 55% of internet users watch videos online every day.

At Digital Maxima, we mix a decent share of all kinds of content, lead by video marketing. Either its Facebook videos, Youtube, or the IGTV. The video is going to be kind in the year 2020. We make sure our clients are on top of their marketing game when they compete with their competitors in the world of content. Our content production team is a group of research-based strategic people who kid down your target audience to create content that matters.

How do we use content marketing as a multi-faced sword to build brand and search results?

Content marketing is one of the most misunderstood terms and practices by marketers these days. It’s not just writing blogs, news articles, discussions for your website.

We believe that content marketing is about digital storytelling, a story that entitles all aspects of brands’ needs and future goals.

We create a planned omnichannel content strategy for businesses that focus on brand building, content distribution to the niche audiences, education, product/service awareness, customer servicing, and last but not least, helping businesses generate more leads and higher profits.

Web & Mobile Applications

Web and mobile apps are both integrated services. A website is a hub, and mobile is a tool to access it. You can share your content hub in a specific iOS or Android app as well to make it more convenient for your clients/end users. For both web and mobile applications, our methodology is almost similar. Quality is what we are after.

We start by analyzing your needs, technology, and strategic goals. The primary focus is on performance and usability, security, responsiveness, and experience. Once the game plan is ready, we deploy our skillset and Voila! The design is prepared.

Analytics, Insights & Reporting is the key.

Last but not least is analytics. Yes, monitoring, recording, and then analyzing data of your traffic, audience, campaigns, social media accounts, third party links is the key to the improvement of any marketing campaign.

We strongly believe in reporting and accountability. Accountability leads to better efficiency of digital activities. We involve the client in each bit of progress and share the weekly and monthly details of the development and growth.

Always getting better!

Client Case Studies

Bringing to the table, win-win marketing strategies.
Los Angeles, California

Spray Tech / Junair

Spray Tech / Junair is the premier paint booth manufacturer of the high-performance automotive, truck, large equipment & aircraft paint booth finishing systems in Rialto California. It aimed to increase its market share by inducting new leads into the sales funnel. Digital Maxima took the challenge of building an organic reputation for Spray Tech.
Bend, Oregon

Contemporary Family Dentistry

Contemporary Family Dentistry desired more patient share and first-page organic search engine presence in the city. They also launched a new patient special, which they wanted us to promote in their local town, Bend, Oregon.
Salt Lake City, Utah

Stepping Stone Management

I am now working on my client’s online systems. I am using all the things they set up for me a few years ago to scale my business bigger. As I have gone in to set things up, I have realized they had already done many of these things for me already.
Portland, Oregon

Cedar Creek Dental Care

With a brand new website in place and a high-competition geographic location, Dr. Phil Han wanted us to build the brand reputation of his clinic, promote his dental services, and gain market share in the cluttered Portland’s dental Landscape.
One-Stop Digital Marketing AgencyDigital Maxima
SEO, PPC, Social Media & Content Marketing Agency, helping businesses achieve their digital marketing initiatives.
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One-Stop Digital Marketing AgencyDigital Maxima
SEO, PPC, Social Media & Content Marketing Agency, helping businesses achieve their digital marketing initiatives.
Our locationsWhere to find us?
Get in touchDigital Maxima Social links
Stay updated on the recent trends.

Copyright by DigitalMaxima. All rights reserved @ 2020

Copyright by DigitalMaxima. All rights reserved @ 2020

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