5 Common digital marketing mistakes and how to avoid them

Digital marketing paves the way for you to approach your audience and attract potential leads.  However, if your digital marketing strategy is not well defined, it might not offer much to your business. We have seen many business owners in the Salt Lake City area who are failing to formulate an effective digital marketing strategy because this audience fails to respond. Such mistakes show lack of relevance between business strategy and real business goals.

We have classified five common digital marketing mistakes and tips on how to avoid them in the year 2019.

Lack of oversight

The lack of maintenance and regular review of your advertising campaigns is a significant mistake. You need to keep a full track of how you are channeling your social media networks. Overseeing your marketing efforts consistently helps you better assess your social profitability. For a successful digital marketing campaign in 2019, you need to measure and manage your everyday campaigns.

Not framing your goals

Lack of planning and homework is one of the root causes of the failure of marketing strategy; therefore, you need to have an established and well-thought goal. Do not confuse strategy with tactics. To achieve your goal, you must have a well-planned tactical solution. Your targets should be known so that your resources can be used in the best manner possible. You must know the tricks to avoid or minimize the possibility of digital marketing errors. Know what is essential for your firm and what digital marketing networks are most beneficial for your business.

Running after the wrong audience

Digital marketing in 2019 will require precision to target the right audience. One major digital marketing mistake that is very common is marketers going after an ‘off the subject’ topic to the wrong audience. For example, a soccer community on Facebook is less likely to care about how to cook noodle, then a mom group.  

They do look delicious!

The most important reason for the evolution of digital marketing was the idea of catching the right audience more precisely. It is essential to know the public taste, opinions, likes, dislikes, and queries for boosting engagement. Google trend is a free tool that can help you search for trends over a specified period. If you’re successfully getting the pitch to your potential customers, you are on your way to creating more revenue.

Improper allocation of time and resources on social media

Besides your skill level, social media marketing will require you to balance your time and resources wisely.  You need to make sure you are not wasting any extra effort on the wrong digital network, that might be worth it to your company.  Marketers nowadays fail to understand what is bringing them good business. Think about the 80-20 rule. Don’t get distracted. Do not misspend your time on social media channels which lack payback.

Lack of patience regarding business strategy

Most importantly a business owner should understand that success never comes overnight. It might not be possible for you to receive instant results; therefore, fast growth and immediate results are never guaranteed. It’s a business norm that entrepreneurs should understand. I am not encouraging you to lose hope but being realistic is equally essential. Therefore, one should not panic or pull out. My advice is to stay consistent, motivated and charged. Remember! ‘Patience’ is your best friend.

Ali Jaffar Zia

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